Madame Dorion: Her Journey to the Oregon Country

Praise for Lenora Rain-Lee Good and Madame Dorion: Her Journey to the Oregon Country:

It's always a pleasure when an author chooses an obscure but very real historical figure to dramatize for readers. Good's prose is smooth, and her approach to this tale of a native woman making her way—with kids in tow!—through a difficult historical period is unique. –Louise Marley

The Journal of Marie Dorion (1786 – 1850) by Lenora Rain-Lee Good is an account of a largely unknown Indian woman whose fortitude and perseverance is unsurpassed in early American History. Written from Marie’s perspective, the author does an excellent job of weaving Marie’s thoughts into the storyline and still maintains a high level of historical accuracy. –Ned Eddins,

As the author notes, Sacagawea had a better public relations firm working on her behalf than did the subject of this fine historical novel. But Marie Dorion, a remarkable Indian woman who traveled across the continent with the first big expedition after Lewis and Clark returned, has a strong supporter in her corner through the lyrical words of Lenora Good. –Jane Kirkpatrick, Bestselling author of A Name of her Own.

Madame Dorion: Her Journey to the Oregon Country is a story of the first woman to come across the country overland, stay, and help settle the land. Whereas Sacagawea was the first woman to come overland she did not stay. Marie Dorion stayed, and raised her children here.

Written as a journal, Madame Dorion: Her Journey to the Oregon Country is suitable for readers of any age. Ms. Good's research included many books (listed in the back of the book) including journals of Wilson Price Hunt and other men on the trip. The dates and facts correlate to those journals, but show the trip through the eyes of an amazing woman, mother, and wife. 

Publication: April 2016
ISBN: 978-1-63320-005-0
Genre: Historical Fiction/Native American Format: Trade Paperback 6x9 and eBook Pages: 236 with 12 illustrations
Reading Audience: All Ages

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