Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Quilts

Do y'all know what a summer quilt is? Chances are, if you live south of the Mason and Dixon Line, and were lucky in your choice of Grandmas, you not only know what they are, but have spent many a summer night under one. If you live to the north of said line, chances are you don't.

I'm not talking about the lightweight things you buy. I'm talking about the real deal. A summer quilt is a quilt top quilted to a backing, no batt in the middle. It's like sleeping under a couple of sheets instead of a blanket.

They are, or were, common in the South for those summer nights when it was too hot for a blanket, and too cool for just a sheet. I have two. They are not bed size, but what is commonly known as 'lap' sized, but the are large enough for me to sleep under, and boy Howdy! are they nice.

My mom's memory quilt, pieced
One is pieced. I have made memory quilts for people I knew and loved who have died, and could never find the right fabric or the right pattern for my mom's quilt. One day as I was looking through the fabric store for something else, the sales lady put a bold of fabric on the shelf in front of me – big, bold red hibiscus. The red hibiscus was my mom's favorite flower. I bought what I hoped would be enough to make her quilt. Turns out it was. And then, a few months later, my quilting magazine had the perfect pattern, so I took my fabric back to the fabric store and bought the rest of the stuff I needed. Then, maybe because it was summer or maybe because my mom didn't like blankets, I decided to make it a summer quilt. I love it, and it's large enough to nap under. I keep it on my sofa during the summer.

Whole cloth summer quilt
On another foray through a fabric store I found 3 or so yards of a bright fabric (I like brights, can you tell?), and bought it. Not sure what I was going to do, I waited a while, figured it out, and took it back to the store for some complimentary fabric for borders, and decided to make two whole cloth summer quilts. So far, I've got one finished. (Whole cloth—not cut and or pieced)

So I now have two summer quilts which I dearly love. They are perfect for those nights when it's too cool for just a sheet, but not cool enough for a light blanket. If you have a sewing machine, you, too, may have a summer quilt with just a wee bit of effort. ;-)

And, just so you know, I took the photos, I didn't steal them off the web ;-)


  1. Lovely way to nap. Some day I may find the time to work on fabric again.

  2. Maybe God WAS right to have me be born in the north: I am right now putting together another afghan for another granddaughter, and that's fine because said granddaughter lives in Maine where afghans are right most of the time. But I'm now in the south where, you have just informed me, I really should be making summer quilts! Tell you what, Lenora, someday we can talk about trading an afghan for a summer quilt. Then I can stay in the south where I seem to now be planted and still have an appropriate covering over me even on the hottest nights down there. And I'll keep making knitted afghans for those who remain in the north.

    Great blog, as usual. You continue to inspire.

  3. What a great project idea for someone like me who prefers hand-sewing--a whole-cloth summer quilt. That is, if I live long enough to ever finish this pieced crazy-quilt I've been laboring on. How the hell did they ever find the time, back in the days before the treadle machine was available (pre-early !9th cen., I think). Quilting bees, I suppose--


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