Monday, July 3, 2017

Celestial Bowling Tournaments

We had a thunderstorm the other night. They usually come to the desert, and roll right on through. This one reminded me of when I lived in Florida. The thunder rolled around up there for two hours or so, and the lightning lit up the skies. Alas, my enjoyment of such event came at a cost. Some homes were struck and burned to the ground. I prefer my storms to be a loud light show, with no damage done. The storm demolished the tent where Walmart was selling fireworks. Hoo-boy! Can you imagine what that would have looked like had lightning hit it?

I don't recall ever being afraid of thunder and lightning, perhaps I was once, as a small child, but Daddy explained it to me. And everybody knows Daddy's never lie to their daughters. It was, he said, nothing more than elves (or gnomes or maybe even Vikings. I don't remember perzactly) bowling in heaven. When the ball rolled down that heavenly alley, that's what we heard as thunder. When they hit the pins, we saw it as lightning. Now, after an explanation like that, who could fear?

The problem became not one of fear, but one of anger. Those elves (or gnomes or Vikings or whoevers) never invited me to play, too. And of course, I wasn't allowed outside in the storm to voice my opinion.

That's one of the things I really miss about Florida. They had some marvelous thunderstorms. Sometimes, the thunder was so close my house shook. Oddly, the cat slept right through them. So did the dog. Alas, I did not—I woke to listen, watch, and enjoy. It amazes me how many people I know who have had lightning strike their homes. Outside of Portland, Oregon; again in Port Charlotte, Florida; and other places. I am very fortunate, and I recognize that fact.

I prefer my elves, or gnomes, or Vikings or whoever Daddy said were bowling, to bowl in a far less destructive manner. Perhaps it's the Gnomes vs the Elves? Dragons vs Vikings? I do wish I could watch the tourney on the telly, really, I do.

Y'all have a Happy Fourth of July. And a safe one. Set your firecrackers off over a body of water, not your neighbors home, ok? And stay inside during those storms! One friend struck by lightning is enough, thank you!


  1. Sounds like an exciting time. Glad you enjoyed it.

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