Monday, February 13, 2017

Postcard Poetry is Coming!

Yes, it will soon be April, and that means it is once again time for POSTCARD POETRY!

For those of you interested, get those pencils sharp, pens filled, and poems percolating! I mentioned this in my last post, and promised more information, and based on some of the emails I received, I guess I’d best get the info out there.

What it is:
April is National Poetry Month and what better way to celebrate than by writing, sending and receiving poetry? I can’t think of a better way, can you?

What is required:
·      At least 30 postcards. These can be originals made by yourself, purchased through many venues (including – just search their site for ‘postcards’). I say “at least” 30, because that is what you need to commit to sending; however, you may send more.
·      Dedication to write and send a postcard a day for the month of April. These are, of necessity, short (think Haiku). They can be of any topic (I tend to use the photo on the card for my prompt, but that’s not necessary).
·      At least 30 return address labels (or handwrite your return address) on each card. Last year it came to my attention that the reason some of us didn’t receive the full complement of cards in the mail was due to incorrect addresses. Someone was smart enough to have put a return label on her cards, and one came back. She checked, she’d transposed a number, put it in an envelope and mailed it off to the correct address.
·      At least 30 postcard stamps. (They are considerably less than First Class postage, so with getting.)

Who may participate:
·      Anyone who wants to. I think it would be great fun if schools would get involved.
·      The more people who participate, the more fun it is.
·      May those in other countries participate? Absolutely! I’ve made friends in other countries through similar projects; however, because of the high cost of international mail, I strongly recommend if you know someone in another country who might be interested in joining our group, you suggest they start one in their country of origin (I’ll be glad to help out). They are still welcome to join us ;-)

How it works:
·      If you wish to participate, I need you to email me your name and postal/snail mail address. I will make a list of all names and postal/snail mail addresses. Shortly before April, I will email you the list. (I will not share email addresses. If you wish to share, that’s up to you. You may write it on your postcard.)
·      Once you have the list, find your name, and beginning with the name just below yours, count down 30 names, coming back to the top of the list if need be. Send a postcard a day to each of ‘your’ 30 people.

Do you have to be a poet to play?
Absolutely not! You just have to want to have fun.

Are you ready?
·      Send your name, postal/snail mail address to me at: lenora (dot) good (at) icloud (dot) com
·      And share this post with anyone you know who may be interested in joining our happy group, or who will share with someone who may be interested.

I  I forgot to add a deadline for registering (Thanks, Paul for catching that!). I'd like to have your information not later than 24 March. I will accept later registrations, but will whine, grumble, and cry. Obviously, the 31st is a tad late, but....)


  1. GOOD QUESTION, Paul Nelson! Preferred deadline is 24 March, but I'm a real softie, and will accept people up to the end of March. I'll grumble about it, but I'll do it.

  2. Count me in. I've done this, last year with you in April and two years earlier with another group in August, and I absolutely loved doing it. And receiving 30 (or in August, 31) postcards with poems back--or at least twenty-something postcards in each case. I took a picture of every card I sent, both times, and it's fun to revisit my poems (maybe 10% of which kind of make me a teensy weensy bit proud)! Of course, I've kept the ones I've received, and some of them are pretty impressive, too. So here's my snail mail address, and thank you, Lenora, for the effort you put out to get us herded into something like well-behaved group of poets.

    Patsy Shepherd
    14745 Merrilltown Dr., Apt. 26-12
    Austin, TX 78728

    Go for it!!!

    1. I did this last year and although not a poet, but a novelist, I had a really fun time. Unfortunately as much as I'd like to participate again, I have other commitments and won't be able to. Maybe next year.

  3. Catherine, I'm sorry you can't do it this year, but am delighted you had fun doing it last year.

  4. I did this last year..I was disappointed at first, but in the end I got 29 cards back and they were very clever odes on most of them..So count me in.
    Stormy Dormire
    3132 Eastgate St
    Burton, Mi. 48519

  5. I'm in def and poet and this is a new thing to try :)

    Tiesha hanks
    24530 Gosling Rd. Apt. 1133
    Spring,tx 77389

  6. Enjoyed this last year -

    Shirley Wible
    4585 Elmwood Crt.
    Riverside CA 92506