Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Saying Good-bye to a Beloved Friend

Hello there. If you've found this blog site, you're either a friend or a curious person. Either way, welcome to Odds n Bods—a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

I was having too many problems on my other blog having seen the error of my ways, have returned to Though there will be the now and then frustrations I'm sure, once set up, they should pretty much desist. My website is still, for the nonce, at, if you'd like to read back blogs and or the rest of my worlds please do so. With luck, those of you who leave comments will find it easier on this platform vs. the other one.

Monday afternoon, I took my beloved Tashiko Akuma Pestini to the Vet and held her while she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know most of you have had to do the same—it's not something we ever get used to, as you well know. She'd been my companion for almost 16 years. Made two cross-country moves and a couple of smaller ones with me. Put up with dogs, cats, and assorted friends. But she was in pain, and the time had arrived.

Tashiko working hard at her chore--keeping the humphalumpouses off the bed
For those who wonder about the name:  I had a wee tiny kitten before her, who was barely big enough to be a scrap of fur, so I named him Scrap. He grew to be 20 pounds or so. So, when I got this kitten, I thought I'd give her a hefty moniker, weigh her down and keep her tiny, feminine, adorable. Yeah. Right. Picked the wrong names for that. Well, she never got above 15, and was mostly around 13 pounds. According to my Japanese dictionary, I named her Female Supplement Devil, with Pestini in deference to her tortoise shell mother, being Small Pest. The Vet thought her papa was probably a lavender point Siamese. She had blue eyes, slightly crossed. For being as small as she was, she left a humongous hole in my heart.

Tashiko Akuma Pestini
28 November 2016