Monday, March 12, 2018

Why I Posted Late Last Time (Hint: It's not political)

The reason I posted the last blog late is I was in Albuquerque NM, aka ABQ! Monday morning (my usual posting time) was spent inspecting the condo on which I have made an offer, contingent to selling the one in which I currently reside. I offered, they accepted. Now, if I can just sell this place before someone else goes in and makes a non-contingent offer and aces me out.

Wanna see the new home? The hoped-for new home?

If this link doesn't work, the address is 45 Westlake Dr NE, ABQ, so google it.

If the backsplash in the kitchen makes you dizzy, it's the camera making Moiré patterns where none exist.

Have had several viewings on my place, Oh, you wanna see current residence? It's here: I know you all know that I'm numbers challenged, and I thought I'd downsize from my 1478 square foot condo to a smaller one of 1800 square feet. Neat, huh?

I left Kennewick on Wednesday last week, was in Belen NM (about 30 miles south of ABQ) Thursday afternoon. Friday I went house hunting, walked into the condo and knew it was the one. Made an offer. Waited through the weekend, went on the inspection first thing Monday morning, left when it was over, at 12.30 pm and was home the next afternoon at 4.30 – 2650 miles on my new little car.

If you're at all interested in moving to the ABQ area, I heartily recommend a terrific realtor, Natalie Arndt. She's wonderful. Contact me for her information.

On the way home, I stopped off in Cuba NM for fry bread and walked into, or out of, my own Twilight Zone. For years when I've gone through Cuba, I've stopped at this funky little service station at the eastern edge of town, across the highway from the Cuban Cafe, which serves marvelous food. Wrote a poem about it, Pilgrimage to Cuba, New Mexico. Dark, funky, a mechanics shop from the sound of it out back, and the best fry bread this side of Canyon de Chelly. It wasn't there. Oh, the building was there, but not the funky place. I kept on driving, and about halfway through town came to the Chaco Grill. Since they had gas pumps, I pulled in and gassed Big Red to the gills, and went in to pay and discovered they had fry bread, so placed my order. I swear the guy who made the fry bread was the same guy from the other place. I asked about the other place, the funky place—IT NEVER EXISTED! Only in my wee, tiny, pea-sized poetic mind. Sigh. (Cue the weird music and Rod Serling's grin.)


For those of you in the Tri-Cities area, on March 24, between 11am and 3pm, there will be a plethora of local authors including (cue the drum roll) yours truly, at the Kennewick Barnes & Noble. Y'all come by. Meet some local authors. It's ok to feed the authors, most are starving, and they love cookies and chocolate. Oh, and buy a book or three, or four or more. Bring your friends and encourage them to buy books, too. Once you've bought your books, the authors will be more than happy to sign them. Books make great gifts, and graduations are getting close.


Boycott Football.
Boycott the NRA and the Asshat Politicians they support.
Save Brains.
Save Lives.

...and remember, when the swamp drains, there's a plethora of 'gators and gallons of ooey gooey stinky swamp slime to clean...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Revering Women vs Respecting Women

Revering Women vs Respecting Women

This post was written for two weeks ago, and then news happened, and I wrote a new one for two weeks ago and thought I'd post this one last week, and was going to post but then more news happened, and the rant from 3 weeks ago, or whenever the fit hit the shan over sexual allegations and Rob Porter & etc., happened still rankles, still smolders, and finally, here it is. Confused? Ya oughta try it from the inside out;-)!

Okay, we're inundated with the sexual shenanigans in the West Wing. As you know, I'm not a great fan of p45, nor of those who choose to work with him. And I really didn't want to bring up this topic, but General Kelly opened his mouth, again, and really stepped in it with his remark about when he was growing up, he was taught to revere women. (There is a military term that is quite appropriate here, he shat in his own mess kit.)

I'm seven years older than he is. I remember those years of "reverence" and what they really were. That's code for keeping the little woman barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen where she belongs. That's code for denying her equal pay for equal work. That's code for denying her promotions at work because the man she works with has a wife and family, and she should get a husband and stay home like a proper little woman. That's code for denying her autonomy over her own life, especially her reproductive life. That's code for denying her an education because, after all, she's only going to get married anyhow. That's code for "father knows best" and it's gonna stay that way, she doesn't need to worry her pretty little head about such things as politics, beatings, or earning a living—that's why men are here and if they have such horrid stresses at work they sometimes take it out on the little woman, well, she'll get her reward when she dies and goes to heaven. That's code for "shut up and do what you're told, when you're told, and how you're told!"

I lost all respect for General Kelly when he so blatantly lied about Representative Frederica Wilson after the death of Sergeant La David Johnson, AUSA, and then never apologized so I couldn't lose anymore when he came out with that stupid statement about revering women. Kinda makes me wonder how abused his wife is, and what she's doing about it? Or if she's so cowed by now she doesn't realize it? My mother never wanted to be revered – she just wanted respect and equal pay. I never wanted to be revered – I just wanted respect and equal treatment. I came close to getting it in the Army, but close only counts in the games of horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear warfare.

And the women who work for p45? I'm of two minds regarding them. I mean, I have to figure out something to rationalize why they're still there (I'd love to know their rationalization. It couldn't be the $179,700 annual paycheck, could it?)...

1. They are, quite possibly, abused psychologically and or physically by their own spouses and or bosses, and for them to acknowledge the abuse of other women, they must admit their own. I know for a fact, having been there and done that, that it's not easy to admit you're abused, and then to act in an appropriate and responsible manner and leave the abuser, get the help you need, and to get on with life. Or perhaps it's option number –

2. They hate women because they perceive women as being without power, as weak and they cannot admit they are without power and or weak, therefore they will side with the men and hopefully share some of that power. They will buy into the 10,000 years of patriarchy that Steve Bannon so loves, and agree with the men that no abuse took place. After all, it's what they (the allegedly abused women) wanted and or deserved. Men, according to their Holy Book, have been placed in the dominant position over women and are supposed to take care of them, provide for them, revere them.

We don't want your reverence, General Kelly. We want your respect.

Isn't it interesting that p45 sides with the alleged abusers when those same alleged abusers are white, but when they are of color, he wants them hung from the highest tree as soon as possible? Even when those same alleged abusers are exonerated, p45 still wants them hung from that tree. The "due process" he purports to tout is only due when white men are accused. And never, ever, are the women to be believed. (But they are revered.) Reminds me of my history books, when the word of a white man was worth more than the word of a white woman; the word of a white woman was worth more than the word of a man of color; women of color either didn't count or were unable to speak.

Isn't it interesting that p45 opposes domestic violence; yet he never once has spoken in favor of the alleged victims, only in favor of the alleged perp?

Yes. I'm angry. Very angry. And I'm afraid. Very afraid. I took an oath a total of four times and said I would, if necessary, be willing to make the supreme sacrifice to defend a piece of paper, our constitution. I took that oath seriously; I said, in effect, I may disagree with what you have to say, but I'll die to defend your right to say it. I still feel that way. I disagree with p45, but I would die to defend his right to free speech. I love my country. I love our constitution. And I fear we may never recover from our current debacle. My oath of enlistment wasn't all that different from General Kelly's oath as a commissioned officer I think he needs to review his oath.

But, then, I have to admit, as a history buff, I also find it utterly fascinating to watch from the inside out how the greatest country in the world is being brought down through its own stupidity in hiring the biggest and baddest, the meanest bully bull-'gator it could find to drain the swamp where he lives and rules. Talk about hiring the fox to guard the henhouse!


Boycott Football.
Boycott the NRA and the Asshat Politicians they support.
Save Brains.
Save Lives.

...and remember, when the swamp drains, there's a plethora of 'gators and gallons of ooey gooey stinky swamp slime to clean...

Next week I'll explain why this is late. It's a great story. I was on the road.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

If Not Now – When?

OK, remember last week I said I'd post the week prior's rant this week? Well, this ain't it. This is a new rant. Last week's rant will be posted next week. Honest. Trust me. (I may be traveling, and it's nice to have one in the hopper for such times...)     

If not now, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Ryan, p45, the rest of you who are supported by the NRA, if this is not the time to talk common sense gun regulation, when is the time? Set a date. Set a time. Set a place. America wants to know. We'll be there. Especially the vast majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who want to see some common sense regulations. Shucks, most of us would just like to see you all use some common sense. Period. There is a difference between gun control and gun confiscation. No one I know is advocating the latter, but just about everyone I know is advocating the former. The only people who confuse the two terms of Control and Confiscation is the far right and has nothing to do with reality.

My thoughts on this, as I've stated before, is we have that right to bear arms. We do not have a right to keep, bear, and or use weapons of mass murder such as the Assault Rifles. Those are designed for one use, and one use only—to kill people, to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. If you really have this strong need to fire an Assault Rifle or its cousins, join the National Guard. Be part of a well-regulated militia. (I've fired a semi-automatic, and that was a blast! I fired at a target, in a firing range. I was in my fatigues. I was in the Guard.) Who knows, maybe they'll let you fire even bigger guns—howitzers, tanks, &c.

If you want to fly a plane, drive a car, or skipper a ship, you have to learn how. Then you have to get tested and licensed. I think it's time we make gun ownership at least meet the standards of car ownership, including proof of insurance! Yes, I think all gun owners need to have their weapons insured, not for loss due to theft, but if their weapon is used in a crime, they should have to prove they can afford the lawsuits.

I strongly support the Second Amendment, and my right to have and or carry a weapon as well as your right, but I also strongly support some common sense reason along with that. By the way, the only weapon I own is my squishware, pretty pathetic, huh? You know, universal background checks for starters. Anyone on a Do Not Fly list gets no weapon, domestic abusers get no weapons, people with mental problems, with anger issues, who are on restraining orders, get no weapons. Then licenses, and maybe proof of insurance or posting of a bond in case their weapon is used in a crime. Oh, and how about, for every weapon that rolls off the assembly line a projectile is fired, and the bullet and casing are photographed and entered into a database for use by law enforcement if need be? Yeah, it would add a dollar or two to the cost, but damn well would be worth it.

Putting guns in the hands of teachers is not the answer, contrary to what p45 advocates. It perpetuates the problem. Think on this: "In a squad of 10 men, on average fewer than three ever fired their weapons in combat."* No matter how you are trained, and the GIs were trained, it is very heard to deliberately point a weapon at another human and pull the trigger. We are not wired that way, unless we're not "normal." The perp who comes into a school or building with a weapon has spent time building up his hate, his mission. The targets are often shocked into paralysis. Think what happens when a teacher finally pulls his or her weapon and the perp shoots him (or her) and as Teach falls, how many students will be caught in the cross-fire as the trigger is pulled in reflex?? No matter how adept you are at shooting a gun, it's one thing to fire at a paper target, it's entirely something else to fire at a living human being. Teachers nurture. They are life builders, not life takers. It would also be very easy for a large, burly teen to overpower a smaller teacher and get the gun away from her or him.

Taking a handgun to an AR fight is kinda like the old movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones blew the baddie away when he pulled out his sword. Never take a knife to a gunfight.  

 *I have read different numbers from different psychologists and historians, but one thing cannot be challenged, a great many soldiers do NOT fire at the enemy. They may fire over the heads, off to the side, but not at the enemy. That's one reason why in some armies the officers stood at the back and shot their own men who did not shoot at the enemy.

The Second Amendment, if you would like a reminder, is: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." (Emphasis mine.)

Headline from last week: For the weary White House, Florida shooting offered a ‘reprieve’ from scandals

What a sad commentary that the above headline highlights how the White House saw the shooting at Parkland, FL.

What are your thoughts on this issue? You surely have them, from a knee-jerk reaction to a considered opinion; I'd like to know. Let's discuss via the comment section.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Random Thoughts Generated by This Week's News

Remember, the last blog when I mentioned I had a rant simmering, and that it was, for the nonce, contained? Well, it's still contained. This one is a whole new rant. You'll get last week's rant next week. This is this week's rant. Got all that? Good ;-)

1.  Criteria for sex. Here we go again. p45's alleged affairs are once again in the headlines. Do I care? In a word: NO. I've long been of the mind that there are two, and only two, criteria for sex:
            1. Consenting and,
            2. Adult.
Anything else is illegal, immoral, and worthy of prison time. Now, if either of those two is married, then they really should have the consent of said spouse before entering into a liaison with another person or persons.

However, there are some serious side effects to p45's sex life – he is obviously open to blackmail. If he weren't, he wouldn't (allegedly) be paying hush money to the women. And that is, in a word: Concerning. It does make me wonder if that's why he's such a... uh... um... polesmoker to Putin. What does his master, Putin, have on him? Why does he drop to his knees and pucker in obeisance every time Putin or Russia is even mentioned?

2.  Melania's escape? There was a note in the news the other night about p45's inauguration expenditures. Slowly, those expenditures are coming to light. I remember 3 items from the list of nearly $107M allegedly spent on events, etc. First, $25M was paid to some company that for the last several inaugurations has been in charge of setting them up. Apparently, $25M is a reasonable expense. Well, to them. Having never been inaugurated, I have no idea. Then there was something like $1.5M going to a friend and business associate of Melania's, with a further $25M going to that same friend and associate's business for undetermined and unspecified services.

Now, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that clip was: "Good!" My evil little mind started thinking, maybe this friend of Melania's has put the money in a safe place, and Melania now has a way for her to take Barron and escape the madness. Assuming, of course, she wants to escape. Perhaps she sees great theater in all this. But somehow I don't think so.

3.  Is p45 a traitor? That's a serious question. A traitor is defined as, "a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.," and p45 has definitely betrayed our country. We have been attacked by a foreign power. It was and is a long and sustained attack, which we are still undergoing. He has denied it. No matter that fully 17 of our 17 Intelligence agencies all say it was and is so. And now that he has the proof, he is still looking at Putin with puppy dog eyes of love and adoration and HAS DONE NOTHING to protect us. As one pundit said about it (words to the effect of), "Can you imagine if FDR had gone over a year denying that Pearl Harbor ever happened???"

Congress passed a bill, a list of sanctions against Russia for meddling in our elections, a bi-partisan law, and p45 has refused to sign it. Why? What is worth more to him than our country?

4. Another one bites the dust. Actually another 17 bit the dust. Yes, we've had another school shooting and the little pissant Paul Ryan says more facts are needed before he can do anything constructive to end this madness. And the bigger pissant Mitch McConnell says the same thing. As well as Orrin Hatch, and all the other congresspeople and politicians such as Florida Governor Rick Scott, who bow down and lick the boots of the NRA for money and recognition. They continue to block passage of any laws that will allow law enforcement and medical personnel to collect the facts needed in order to justify rising up against their lord and master, the NRA, and put our country first. But, by golly, they demand those same facts before they can legislate common sense laws. Can anyone here say, "Catch 22?" In case you forgot, here is our Second Amendment in its entirety: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." (Emphasis mine.)

Hatch says we have an "enumerated right" to carry guns. Yes. We do. We also have a "right" to fly an airplane or drive a car or truck or tank. But not anyone can do so. They must learn to do so safely, be tested, photographed, licensed, and in many states fingerprinted in order to get their state-issued license. They must also show proof of insurance. Now, I'm a vet (you already know that) and I strongly support the Second Amendment, and my right to carry a weapon, as well as yours, but I also strongly support some common sense reason along with that. You know, universal background checks for starters. Then licenses, and maybe proof of insurance in case your weapon is used in a crime. Oh, and how about, for every weapon that rolls off the assembly line a projectile is fired, and the bullet and casing are photographed and entered into a database for use by law enforcement if need be? Yeah, it would add a dollar or two to the cost, but damn well would be worth it. And I'm not even going to mention curtailing the purchase of military and military-style weapons with one and only one purpose to civilians. No, I won't mention that at all, because if I do, my blood pressure goes dangerously high.

5. What Should Obama Have Done in regards to the "Russiar Thing"? As I recall, he notified Congress and wanted to make it public, and pissant McConnell threatened that if Obama tried it he (pissant) would create havoc. You may remember that one of the McConnell's most proud achievements, by his own statement, is that he thwarted President Obama at every turn possible, no matter what the end goal was. No matter if it was good for the country or not.

So, frankly, I find it more than a little disingenuous that certain members of Congress, as well as p45, are now trying to lay all this mess at the feet of President Obama. And, at this point, it's useless to play the blame game over spilled milk. What we need now is a President of the United States. Someone who will uphold his (or her) oath of office, who will defend our Constitution, who will defend our country, who will grow up to become an adult and quit whining to twitter every time someone looks at him cross-eyed.


Boycott Football.
Boycott the NRA and the Asshat Politicians they support.
Save Brains.
Save Lives.

...and remember, when the swamp drains, there's a plethora of 'gators and gallons of ooey gooey stinky swamp slime to clean...

Want to know if your politician is on the list of NRA supported? Check out Open Secrets here: